For over twenty five years, Chef Jimmy has created food for his family and friends. Most recently, he has retired completely from all other professions to pursue his passion for food.

‘Food is Love’ is the concept that he lives and relates to his clients. It can be described as the psychological warmth and contentment that one feels while enjoying a good meal.

This feeling of love, coupled with the healing powers of clean, whole foods which are full of energy is just that; “Food is Love”.

Chef Jimmy has worked with many individuals and families that want to rediscover good food created with clean, fresh natural ingredients. He has worked with professional athletes and helped redesign pre-game meals for a professional sports team.

Having enjoyed much success with his clients, many of his referrals come from Doctors who want their patients to seek better eating habits. His clients include those with medical conditions such as: diabetes, neuropathy, celiac disease, auto immune disease, fibromyalgia and obesity.

Chef Jimmy takes great pride in empowering people to learn new, fresh ways to enjoy good food.